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Principles and methods of solenoids

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  Overview of Development of solenoid Optimization Design  for complete machines. Solenoids are mostly used as electromagnetic systems for various electromagnetic relays, contactors, and other automatic electrical appliances to complete the task of driving contacts to connect and disconnect lines. For the design of such solenoids, it is not enough to only optimize the design of the solenoid. It should be expanded to optimize the design of the entire relay and contactor, namely, the so-called overall optimization design. In this way, the content of optimization design is more extensive, involving not only electromagnetic systems (solenoids), contact systems, and arc extinguishing systems, but also the optimal coordination relationship between various systems. This makes the overall optimization design more complex than the optimization design ofsolenoids, and of course, it brings greater benefits.

        As important components of electrical appliances, the electromagnetic system, contact system, and arc extinguishing system in electromagnetic relays and contactors perform different functions, and their designs are related to each other. For example, the design of electromagnetic systems requires consideration of system reaction forces, which are closely related to contact systems. The design of contact systems and electromagnetic systems is also related to arc extinguishing systems in a sense. Therefore, in order to design relays and contactors with good performance, optimization design should be carried out based on the overall electrical equipment (the entire machine), rather than just considering the optimization design of the electromagnetic system


    Introducing the optimal design of solenoids is not the  goal of this course. Our goal is to learn the principles and methods of optimal design of solenoids, master the technology of using computers, and use optimal design methods to design electrical appliances and other related products and their components, ultimately achieving the optimal design of the entire machine. Of course, at present, the relevant theories and design methods in this field are not very perfect, especially for the contact system and arc extinguishing system, there are still many theories and calculation methods that need to be further studied. However, the optimization design of the entire electrical product will be the development direction of electrical design in the future.7.gif1669689708268563.gif