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Technology and Application of solenoids

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                                                                                                            The technology and application of solenoids

一、Solenoids play a very important role in industry as a basic electrical appliance, known as the "King of Electrical Appliances.". With the continuous development of the magnet and iron removal equipment market and the intensification of competition, users not only have higher requirements for the quality of electromagnets and iron removal equipment, but also have higher requirements for production efficiency. In order to improve the quality and production efficiency of electromagnets and iron removal equipment, enrich China's product categories, enhance the popularity of industry products, promote the development of China's solenoids and iron removal equipment industry, promote research and application of electromagnets and iron removal equipment technology at home and abroad, and organize some activities.

二、Solenoids include: lifting solenoids, braking solenoids, traction solenoids, push-pull solenoids, frame solenoids, tubular solenoids, rotary solenoids, holding solenoids, bidirectional angle solenoids, suction solenoids, DC wet valve solenoids, AC wet valve solenoids, embroidery solenoids, permanent solenoids, magnetic steel angle solenoids, automotivesolenoids, rotary solenoids, and slap solenoids"Air valve type solenoids, electromagnetic systems for automatic electrical appliances, electromagnetic vibrators, and soft iron, silicon steel sheets, blocking iron, jackets, cores, coils, rectifier control equipment, and electromagnet production equipment used in solenoids.". Electromagnetic iron remover, permanent magnet iron remover, magnetic separator, magnetic roller, magnetic screen, and other iron removal equipment and supporting equipment.

三、Solenoids are mainly used as manufacturers and operators in industries such as aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, power electronics, coal, mining, electric tools, transportation, lifting and transportation, household appliances, motors, door locks, textiles, game machines, medical equipment, fitness equipment, office equipment, vending machines, intelligent toys, building materials, chemicals, plastics, glass, ceramics, cement, paper making, food, feed, water treatment, and professional buyers Overseas traders, universities, research institutes, and other related industries..