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The Latest Application of solenoid - "Glass Breaking Amazing Gadget"

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        Buses are the best choice for short trips in our lives. Xinjiang Metropolis Daily reported that" with this glass breaker in the car, even in the event of a fire, I can quickly break the window glass, giving passengers an opportunity to escape. "On September 11th, the driver of BRT2 Line Guan Han pointed to the glass breaker installed in the car and told reporters that in case of an emergency, he only needs to press the glass breaker switch, Within one second, the window glass on the bus will be instantly broken, facilitating passengers' escape.

       On the same day, the reporter learned from Urumqi Urban Bus Rapid Transit Operation Co., Ltd. that since 2014, there have been multiple bus spontaneous combustion accidents in China, resulting in casualties due to poor escape routes. BRT vehicles are highly enclosed and only a few windows can be opened. In the event of a fire, it will cause significant casualties. Starting in mid August, BRT vehicles began to introduce and install triggered glass breaking devices, which can break the window glass in only one second. By September 11th, more than 230 BRTs had been installed, and it is expected that 409 BRTs and loop express trains will be installed by the end of September.

        The reporter saw in Guan Han's car that the red glass breaking device was not large, about 5cm long and less than 5cm wide, and was installed on the edge of the glass. "The edges of glass are easiest to break," Guan Han said.

        According to Che Yongjun, Deputy Manager of Urumqi Urban Rapid Transit Operation Co., Ltd., glass breaking devices are mainly installed on sealed windows with large space and meeting escape requirements. Depending on the vehicle type, 4-5 devices need to be installed for vehicles with a height of 12 meters, and 6-8 devices need to be installed for vehicles with a height of 18 meters. The working principle of the glass breaker is to use a power supply to control the electromagnet, trigger spring, and striker to hit the corners of the window glass, achieving the purpose of cracking and breaking the glass. Like a miniature automatic safety hammer, when the device is activated, the striker will instantly break the window. In addition, because the glass breaker comes with its own battery, it can break the glass even when the car is not started.